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How to beat Granny – Where to find all the keys and escape items

Trapped in a mysterious house with no way out, you must avoid the evil Granny as you plan and execute your escape. Here’s how to beat Granny, where to find all the keys and items, as well as a few tips for how to win the game too.

Granny is an iOS and Android game that shakes up the escape room genre with elements of survival horror games like Outlast. You’re tasked with finding items and solving combination puzzles like in most escape rooms, but all the while you’re pursued by the malevolent Granny who’ll bash you over the head as soon as you’re caught. It looks pretty shoddy, but it’s super popular on YouTube and surprisingly engaging.

You only get five tries (or six on easier difficulties if you complete the painting pieces), and the locations of the items you need will change every time you play, so it’s a different challenge with every run.

Granny items:

There are 16 items that you’ll need to find over the course of your playthrough to escape Granny’s house. Each one has a specific purpose, but you can only carry one at a time. This means that you either have to remember where you left an item and come back for it when you need it, or go and complete the use of an item as soon as you find it.

Below is what each item does, so you’ll know what to do with everything when you find it.

What does the Hammer do?

The hammer is used for three things. The first is to knock the planks off of the room in the left of the attic. Once the planks are on the floor, you can pick them up and use them to walk across the broken floor. The second use is to destroy the security camera high up on the right of the prison cell once you’ve walked across the planks. The last place you have to use the hammer is to take off the extra planks on the front door.

What do the Cutting Pliers do?

The cutting pliers are used in three places as well. The first is in the grey box on the wall at the bottom of the stairs in the basement. You’re cutting the wire at the top. The second place in on the front door where there’s a red and green light. Using the pliers on the door here will turn both lights green. The final place to use the pliers is on the fan in the prison cell in the attic. If you get locked in the prison cell, take out the door hinges on the right hand side and push the door open.

What does the Code do?

You have to use the code on the top padlock of the front door. It’s the one with numbers on.

What does the Cog Wheel do?

The cog wheels are used together to get another item from the playhouse in the back yard. To use them, you have to first find the playhouse key and open its door.

Cog Wheel 2

This is used in the same place as the first cog wheel. You enter the back yard by going through the window in the dining room. Once you’ve opened the playhouse, you have to use both cog wheels on the box inside.

What does the Winch Handle do?

The winch handle is used in the back yard. You use it on the well in the back of the area and turn it to a raise a bucket that will contain another item.

What does the Screwdriver do?

The screwdriver is used through the secret passage in the basement, behind the boxes at the bottom of the stairs. Once you’ve crawled through, you’ll see some stairs. Don’t go up them, but turn left and you’ll see a small grey box near the floor. Open it with the screwdriver and you’ll find another item.

What does the Battery do?

You have to put the battery into the slot in the centre of the front door.

What does the Melon do?

When you find the melon, you will be told that there’s something inside. To gain access to it, take the melon to the guillotine (the machine in the middle of the back yard) and use it. There will be an item inside.

What does the Blue Padlock Key do?

The blue padlock key opens the middle padlock on the front door. Using it on the door will make one of the planks fall off as well as the lock, which makes a lot of noise.

What do the Car Keys do?

The car key is used to interact with the car in the garage that’s below the basement. You can check the trunk/boot at the back, under the hood at the front, and open the doors to look in the glovebox.

What does the Yellow Safe Key open?

The safe key opens the large grey floor safe in the basement. Inside it, you’ll find another item.

What does the Grey Playhouse Key open?

This opens the small playhouse in the back yard. This is where you use the cog wheels to get another item.

What does the Weapon Key open?

The weapons key opens the cabinet in the secret room behind the boxes between the two bedrooms on the floor you started on. Once you’re past the boxes, go down the stairs and turn right immediately at the bottom. The cabinet is here. Inside you’ll find a crossbow and tranquilizer darts.

What does the Crossbow do?

Once you’ve gotten the crossbow from the weapons cabinet, you need to take a tranquilizer dart and head over to the main staircase next to the front door. On the right, high up on the wall you’ll see a shelf. On the shelf will be another item sparkling. Shoot it with your dart and pick it up. You can also shoot Granny with a dart to make her go away for 15 seconds.

What does the Red Master Key do?

This is used on the front door when you’re ready to escape, so leave it next to the door.

How to get the shotgun in Granny

As well, if you want a bit more time to yourself you can make a shotgun that makes Granny go away for 30 seconds. You find three parts of it around the house. To assemble the shotgun you have to take each part to the garage under the basement. In the corner there’s a workbench. Once all three pieces have been put on the workbench you can take the shotgun and load it with one of the three shells to the right of it.

Granny all possible item locations:

As we said above, the locations of the items you need to find to beat Granny are different each time you play, but there are a set number of places that they can appear. You’ll have to check all around Granny’s house to find what you need, so you can’t just learn one route to win the game really quickly.

You need to check:

All drawers in rooms around the house
Any shelves that you can see around the house
Cupboard under the stairs
Sinks and toilets in bathroom next to starting bedroom
Shelf above the boxes that cover the secret passage on the starting floor (screenshot below)
On the Shelf on the right hand wall after you walk across the planks in the attic
The shelf at the bottom of the stairs in the secret passageway. Next to where you open the box with the screwdriver
Every cupboard in the kitchen – including the inside of the doors (the code can be stuck here)
Inside the microwave
On the counter in the kitchen to the left of the sink
The cabinet in one of the reception rooms with grid shaped doors
Press the button in the top right of the small secret room behind the boxes next to the weapons cabinet
In the tall chest of drawers in the same room as the weapons cabinet
On the counter to the left of the stairs in the basement
Check the wall to the left of the stairs in the basement
On the shelf in the steam room in the garage under the basement

How to escape Granny:

On the easier difficulty modes, you can rely on outrunning Granny to survive if you make too much noise – as long as you’re not trapped with nowhere to go!

The main places that you can hide are under beds or in the small passageways that you have to crawl to get inside of. If you’re in somewhere that you have to get down low to enter, then Granny can’t get you. When you’re running around Granny’s house, try to remember where the nearest hiding spot is, so when you see her coming to get you there’s somewhere that you can go.
On extreme difficulty, it’s much trickier. Granny will move quite a lot faster than you, so if you get caught in the same room as her, it’s probably too late. The strategy for higher difficulties seems strange at first, but makes sense in the long run: you have to make noise on purpose.

As you move around the house, knock things over in places that you know you have a way out of and don’t need to move back through – like the back yard or the attic (which you can escape through the secret passage on the wall next to the stairs. If you’re luring Granny to the places you’ve already been with noises, it means that you’re free to go where you need to.

If there’s nothing to knock over, you can drop the item you’re holding and pick it back up again two or three times. This should be enough to lure her over to where you are. Remember though, if you drop an item that you need try to remember where you left it.

Items that are dropped on soil – like in the tunnel that connects the back yard and basement – don’t make any noise. To lure her to the back yard you can use the bell tripwire that makes a ringing noise.

What does the Teddy Bear do?

On your journey, you might find a Teddy Bear in Granny’s house. If you want to unlock a secret easter egg, take the Teddy Bear up to the room in the attic on the left hand side of where you drop the plank to walk across the gap. Drop the Teddy Bear in the crib and get ready…

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